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Lucky Monkey is beyond stoked to bring you "WHAT DO YOU WANT?"


Lucky Monkey is a rock band from Kelowna, BC, Canada that blends the soul of old-school classic rock with the energy and polish of the 21st Century to create music that speaks to fans both new and old. The band’s sound is melodic, crunching, and accessible and it’s new five-song EP, Nothing To Lose, has introduced Lucky Monkey to an exponentially larger audience. The record dropped March 29th, 2019 and was supported by a new music video and a Canadian tour. Lucky Monkey has supported big names acts such as DANKO JONES, THE LAZYS, HARLEQUIN and BRET MICHAELS and performed for the Vancouver Canucks on three occasions. They are a band of brothers who's passion for writing and performing music has led them to the top of their local scene and knocking on the door of discovery.


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